Music For Other People's Babies

by Jonathan Wood Vincent

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Arminda Klier
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Arminda Klier Jonathan Wood Vincent is an amazing piano player and a bizarre, charming man that will give you good hugs and leave you with a sense of perplexity/zen.
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This is music for other people's babies. Other people's babies learn things that we cannot acknowledge as our own. Donald and Gua were babies who grew up together for awhile. Gua influenced Donald. Donald influenced Gua. Gua learned faster. Gua was sent back to where she came from and died soon after. Donald killed himself 40 years later. Donald had the last name Kellogg. Humans just learn slowly. We must be stupid for longer to be smarter later. It is important that we learn what we own and divide what is good from what is not.

"One way to test this hypothesis would be to place a human infant of normal intelligence in an uncivilized environment and to observe systematically its 'development' in that environment. Kellogg noted that while such an experiment would be both morally outrageous and illegal, there was another way, albeit somewhat indirect, to test the environment-heredity question. That was to take a wild animal and place it in the civilized environment of a human home."


released October 4, 2006



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